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I started my business in 1980 and ran crews of plumbers until 2007 when I sold the business to my employees. Since then, I just work on my own installing and repairing hydronic heating systems and replacing boilers.


Troubleshooting, installation and repair of hydronic heating systems.

Case Study: Fairbanks


The owners of a house in Oakland were doing a large renovation of their basement where there were large steel pipes supplying hot water to the upstairs radiators. These large pipes would have to be removed because they were hanging down below the ceiling in what would become a living space. New piping to the radiators would have to be installed inside the walls and floors.


Rather than keeping the radiators, I thought a more comfortable solution would be to heat the floor. It's just a bit more work, but much more comfortable. Also, even though the radiators were attractive, getting rid of them creates more useable floor space.


We used a product called Ultra-Fin that attaches to PEX tubing installed in the floor joist bays. The Ultra-Fin pulls the heat out of the water in the tubing and heats the air in the joist bays which heats the floor upstairs.

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