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We specialize in steam-system installations and problem solving. We work on hot-water boilers, radiant and low-temp systems, and air conditioning. We provide quality workmanship and straightforward pricing.


We provide one-on-one service with the main purpose of solving heating issues. We offer sales service and maintenance on all equipment that we install and seasonal maintenance of most brands. We specialize in the new retrofit installations and/or replacement and updating of HVAC equipment in existing homes. We pride ourselves in the quality of workmanship we offer and that your installation will operate as it should with consideration for the future by making it easier to service and replace common parts without it becoming a production. We do not offer cut-and-slide-in jobs. We take the job of installing very seriously and want both ourselves and our clients to be happy.

Case Study: 1932 Ideal oil-fired vapor vacuum 2-pipe steam trane system


We replaced an original oil boiler with gas. The customer was concerned about how his new boiler would perform compared to his old one being it still went into vacuum after being fired. The oil company wanted nothing to do with the replacement. We were recommended by the supply house that we work with.


We met with the customer and discussed what needed to be done, including a gas-service upgrade. They had 2 zones of hot water fan coils off the original boiler and a piece of commercial baseboard off the steam system which never worked. We recommended removing the hot-water loops and installing a small, hot-water boiler to do the fan coils and after pressure testing the baseboard loop and ensuring it was tight to feed with hot water.


We installed a Peerless 63-07 steam boiler with a vaporstat and a secondary manual reset low-water cut off. We installed 2 3-inch risers into a 4 header with a 2-inch equalizer. We also installed a false waterline with a sight glass due to an over 20-inch water level difference between the old and new boiler. We also installed a total of 8 Hoffman 76 vacuumed vents on both dry returns and end of the mains. Of course a low pressure gauge and vacuumed gauge where also installed. Aside from this, we installed a Peerless hot-water boiler to take care of the fan coils and piece of baseboard in a sunroom. The customer was very pleased and his system still pulled into a vacuum. The customer was so pleased he referenced me to a co-worker and we re-sized and replaced his steam boiler too, aside from some steam main repairs re-insulating and re-doing all venting. Give us a call when you're at your wits end with your system and can’t seem to find anyone who knows anything and we'll do our best to make it right .

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