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Started in 2006, Ramer Mechanical LLC, strives to provide our customers with the highest quality products, installation and service. We also pride ourselves on providing a level of service much higher than most would expect from a traditional mechanical company. We study extensively on the newest trends and products, in order to provide you with the best possible solutions to your needs. 

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  • Hydronic heating and cooling
  • We service boilers of all different fuel sources
  • Air-to-water heat pumps, radiant heating, radiators, baseboard, fan coils, etc.
  • We sell and install Econoburn Wood Boilers.
  • Residential and light commercial HVAC installations and service
  • Geothermal - Water-to-air and water-to-water geothermal installations and service 
  • Plumbing
  • Refrigeration
  • Electrical
  • Consulting and system design services

Case Study: Farm Equipment Dealership


The challenge was great on this one! I mean, what do you do with a 40 year old Radiant Floor system that never worked right in the first place. I certainly couldn't dig up the concrete to see how the tubing was installed or what kind of insulation was under it. We are talking 15,000 SF of the stuff! I didn't have any idea how long the loops were or how far they were spaced apart. I could see what was coming out of the concrete, and what a mess! There were different sizes of tubing and some places they used Well Pipe while in other places they used Pex Pipe. The manifolds were all built from scratch using Black Iron tees and nipples. They did not have any balancing solutions on them either. That's not all, we are dealing with multiple buildings here. The underground piping is already in place but it is a tad small for the BTU's that we need to move to the buildings. You can clearly see that my work was cut out for me!


As with every project, I started off with my pencil and notebook. I need a lot of information here so I can start crunching numbers, figuring the heat load and designing the system. I turned on the existing system and got some warm water running through the tubes in the concrete. Then we took a Thermal Imaging Camera and began painstakingly mapping the tubing through 8" of 40 year old concrete. I had to go through each different section and figure out the tube spacing. With that information and being able to see how many loops go into the floor, I was able to calculate the loop lengths. Now we are getting somewhere! And so I patiently went through the whole system and got everything mapped out so I could properly size and integrate the new distribution system into the existing Radiant Slabs.


The ending result was warm and happy people! Before they would have to be running all kinds of supplemental heaters in those leaky old buildings! Now they are just warm and happy and can focus on selling tractors :-) We ended up with 2 boilers that produce 750,000 BTU's when they are both on. They built a separate boiler room for me to put in the boilers and do my controls and piping. For the distribution system, I chose to do a Mini Tube installation. The way that works is, the water get distributed to the remote manifolds at a high temp and then gets mixed to the appropriate temperature for the concrete floor. That way the 3,000' of distribution pipe could be much smaller and a lot less money. We built new mixing stations at each manifold and piped them in reverse return to balance the flow. We also rezoned the system to ensure adequate heat in every area. The tubing also doesn't have any oxygen barrier. We treated the water with a Fernox Inhibitor. We check the inhibitor every year and so far there is no rust in the system and the water is still clear. At the end of the day, the project was finished on time and within the budget. The owners and all the employees are happy and warm!

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