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Case Study: Morritt Residence


The challenge faced in this job is the same faced by most homeowners, choosing a system that will be economical to operate,reliable and fit the budget. This homeowner wanted to convert from oil to a natural gas heating system for many different reasons, both economic and environmental but without changes to the distribution system itself, basically a heart transplant.


They chose to go with a Viessmann 95% AFUE wall hung boiler and Buderus indirect hot water heater. The utility rebates on 95% plus boilers and the need to use a chimney liner with a lesser AFUE choices as well as the integral outdoor reset with the 95% boilers led to this decision and the added floor space was a factor as well.


The next challenge was accomplishing this with minimal disruption and downtime of heat and hot water and since this job was done a couple weeks before Christmas, getting the new system up and running was vital. As we always do, we fabricate the manifolds and mount the boiler in the shop. This minimizes out of service time and assures a better looking system. We coordinate with both the necessary inspectors and National Grid to get the sometimes lengthy process completed in one day. The old oil system was operating at 8:30 AM and the new gas system was up and running at 2:30PM. The operating cost in 2014 was only 25% of the cost to keep the oil burner supplied with fuel in 2013. What was a money hungry eyesore is now asset to the home!


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