Published: May 5, 2016

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Tim McElwain is President of Gas Appliance Service Training & Consulting and Gas Training Institute, which is located at 338 Metacom Ave., Warren, RI. Tim's office is at 22 Griffith Drive, Riverside, Rhode Island 02915. You can reach him by phone, 401-437-0557, or fax, 401-270-1893.

Courses include:

Gas Combustion Fundamentals

Circuitry & Troubleshooting

Hydronic Controls Circuitry

Gas Heating Electric Ignition Systems

Gas Heating Advanced Electric Ignition Systems

Design Gas Equipment Combustion Testing

Open the PDF for the upcoming schedule and prices, or call 401-437-0557 for more details.

P.S. This is from a recent note that Tim sent me:

"I am encouraging my oil friends to get on board with a lot of other oilcompanies and get trained on gas. This past class we had three different oilcompanies represented.

To quote J.C.A. on the Heating Help Web site recently:

'Timmie is THE BEST! Trust me on this ... Whatever Tim wants... give it to your staff. He WANTS them to know the RIGHT way to do it! I started about eight years ago (after 16 years in the oil field). He's the best! He even told meI was already above all the "newbies"... because oil guys know FIRE! Win/Win for you. Take my advice .. please. Chris'

"Another quote from Alan Mercurio of OilTechTalk:

'I'll second that, Tim's facility is located in Rhode Island and issurrounded by reasonably priced hotels. I sent a few of my guys from here inSaugerties, N.Y. a couple of months ago. They were there for the entire week. It was worth every penny! Call Timmy today!'"


Timmie M. McElwain, President
Gas Appliance Service Training and Consulting and
Gas Training Institute (338 Metacom Ave, Warren, RI 02885)
42 Village Drive (Office/Mailing Address)
Riverside, RI 02915
Fax 401-270-1893