ClimaCool Corp. Launches Expanded Product Line, Announces Top Sales Performers for 2014

Published: February 7, 2015

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ClimaCool Corp. announces the expansion of its modular chiller and configured packaged rooftop system product lines, to meet a wide scope of needs across the North American commercial HVAC market.

With applications in the education, health care, government, business services, data center, hospitality, industrial and other markets, ClimaCool solutions offer flexibility, redundancy and reliability across cooling, geothermal/water-source heat pump, heat recovery, simultaneous heating and cooling (SHC) heat pump/heat recovery, chilled water direct expansion air handler and other projects.

The company provided an exclusive view of its newly expanded product offering to an audience of sales personnel and manufacturers’ representatives at a product training session last Sunday, Jan. 25 in the Trump Hotel Chicago. The training, which also focused on SHC applications, provided attendees with an overview on the design differences between SHC heat pump and heat recovery systems, as well as a tutorial on the company’s new chiller selection software for comparing heat pump and heat recovery performance data.

It was followed by ClimaCool’s annual sales reception and sales achievement awards ceremony, recognizing 2014’s top-performing manufacturer’s representatives from across North America. Gil-Bar Industries Inc. (New York) and HVAC Systems & Solutions Ltd. (British Columbia) received the 2014 award for top sales performance, and Brake & Hegyan, Inc. (Georgia), DMR Associates (Maryland), Johnson Barrow (Washington), Kehoe Equipment Ltd. (Alberta) and VEMCO, Inc. (Montana) were awarded outstanding sales achievement for 2014. In addition, Air Products Supply (Oklahoma) received the 2014 award for outstanding make-up air sales.

“The expansion of both our modular chiller and packaged rooftop lines underscores ClimaCool’s commitment to engineering solutions that meet a broad scope of commercial HVAC application parameters in new and dynamic ways,” said Ross Miglio, president of ClimaCool Corp. “Our goal is to deliver innovation, flexibility and reliability through all of our products, and to provide solutions that offer redundancy, can be scaled, and facilitate the efficiency, air quality and overall performance our customers demand.”

Modular Chillers from ClimaCool

ClimaCool modular chillers are now available in 15- through 85-ton capacity modules and can be configured to up to 1,000 tons per bank. The systems provide notable application flexibility across air-cooled/water-cooled (cooling only), heat recovery, geothermal heat pump, and patent-pending simultaneous heating and cooling (SHC) heat pump/heat recovery projects.

The units’ modular designs promote application flexibility, allowing for incremental system growth to meet dynamic load demand. Providing true electrical and mechanical redundancy, ClimaCool modular chillers also feature an independent electrical feed and dual independent refrigeration circuits on each module.

Compact and maneuverable through standard doorways with a low center of gravity, ClimaCool modular chillers offer ease of transport and installation, and are ideal in small mechanical retrofit and sustainable construction-focused projects. Designed to minimize installation time and costs while streamlining maintenance, ClimaCool modular chillers include single-point electrical connections and waterside isolation valves that allow an individual module to be serviced offline while the bank of chillers remains in operation

Factory-integrated variable frequency drives provide increased load tracking response, more precise water temperature control, minimized compressor cycling, extremely quiet part load operation, optimum part load energy efficiency, and reduced inrush amps/starting circuit. A variable-speed compressor option is also now available on all air-cooled and water-cooled ClimaCool modular chillers.

Configured Packaged Rooftop Systems from ClimaCool

Now available in 40- through 90-ton capacities, ClimaCool’s configured packaged rooftop systems offer a robust solution for commercial project demands from 6 to 90 tons. The systems provide notable application flexibility for air-cooled cooling, air-cooled heat pump, geothermal heat pump, water-source heat pump, and chilled water direct expansion air handler applications, while offering a “green” solution for dehumidification, heat recovery, heating, cooling, make-up air, and air quality and controls applications.

Promoting versatility with fully integrated DDC controls, a terminal strip for field-installed controls and factory-mounted customer-supplied controls, packaged rooftop systems from ClimaCool also provide exceptional redundancy, efficiency and quiet operation with dual R-410A scroll compressors and independent refrigeration circuits.

With a host of performance verification attributes, ClimaCool packaged rooftop systems integrate plenum supply and exhaust fan assemblies, an integrated variable-speed direct drive, spring isolators, and a quiet airfoil wheel. AMCA-certified, the units additionally feature a Piezometer ring for airflow measurement, and can be specified with an optional airflow monitoring for supply air verification.

ClimaCool has applied its refrigeration expertise to its complete line of configured packaged rooftop systems, which have been designed from inception for 100-percent outside air. A six-row, face split DX coil ensures ideal dehumidification at all ambient conditions, and the units are also available with optional modulating hot gas reheat, variable-capacity scroll compressors and hot gas bypass.

IAQ compliant to ASHRAE 62.1 standards, packaged rooftop systems from ClimaCool include a stainless steel drain pan with a double-sloped, slide-out design that also promotes easy cleaning. Each unit’s entire cabinet features 2-in. double wall construction, and polyurethane foam-injected panels on the unit’s doors, roof, walls and floor. Additionally, R-13 insulation and thermal break provide a moisture barrier and facilitate improved indoor air quality (IAQ), and a sloped roof prevents the accumulation of standing water.

ClimaCool packaged rooftop units feature optional integrated energy recovery in accordance with AHRI 1060. The hard core molecular sieve desiccant energy conservation wheels provide maximum energy efficiency while minimizing operating costs and further contributing to IAQ. A slide-out conveyor system, defrost control and pulse or variable-speed options additionally promote energy recovery functionality, with oversized energy conservation wheels that create more latent/sensible recovery and lower Delta P (f an HP).

Operating at ultra-quiet, highly efficient levels, ClimaCool packaged rooftop units feature variable-speed EC condenser fans, an integral head pressure control, and a distinctive airfoil blade design that facilitates lower operating sound levels. Engineered to ASHRAE 90.1, the units are constructed with extruded aluminum, include high-performance, ultra-low leakage motorized outside, return and bypass air dampers, and can be specified with an optional enthalpy economizer.

Providing streamlined maintenance, the innovative yet simplistic design of ClimaCool’s packaged rooftop units – including hinged access doors with a continuous bulb gasket, and generously sized control and access compartments – translate to ease of service and long-term equipment management.

For additional information on ClimaCool’s newly expanded line of configured packaged rooftop systems, visit

ClimaCool additionally provides intuitive selection software for packaged rooftop, make-up air and modular chiller, which is available through the company’s regional manufacturer’s representative network.

About ClimaCool Corp.

ClimaCool is a commercial manufacturer of packaged rooftop products and modular chillers utilized in a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications such as cooling, heat recovery, make-up air, geothermal heat pump and simultaneous heating and cooling (SHC) systems. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, the company is committed to providing innovative and flexible product designs, quality components, manufacturing excellence and superior customer service. Driven to deliver ultimate climate solutions with products configured to match specific project requirements, ClimaCool focuses on markets including education, health care, government, industrial, data center, business services, and hospitality. ClimaCool systems additionally offer functionality that can address LEED certification criterion, including optimized energy performance, enhanced commissioning, outdoor air delivery monitoring, IAQ management and thermal comfort.

For more information, visit ClimaCool is a subsidiary of LSB Industries, Inc. – NYSE symbol: LXU