HydroSketch 2.0 Now Available

Published: November 4, 2021

Categories: Company News


The latest version of HydroSketch - a simple, intuitive cloud-based software for making piping and electrical schematics is now available at www.hydrosketch.com

Version 2.0 includes several enhancements including:

  • A much larger drawing canvas to reduce the need for scrolling.
  • Vector-based graphics that allows component symbols to be scaled over wide ranges while maintaining “crisp” appearance.
  • New component symbols.
  • Additional resources such as YouTube tutorials.

A free 30-day trial version of HydroSketch 2.0 is available at www.hydrosketch.com

A single user license, valid for 3 years from the date of purchase remains at $US 99.

Existing users will automatically work with version 2.0 when logging in. The original version of HydroSketch will remain supported through the end of 2021.