REHAU to Launch Radiant Installation System and Showcase PEXa Piping Technologies at AHR Expo 2016

Published: January 12, 2016

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REHAU is set to introduce the RAUPEX® SPEED Radiant Overpour Fastening System and to showcase its high-performance PEXa piping technologies at AHR 2016. In addition, REHAU Commercial Project Manager Ryan Westlund will present at the Radiant Professionals Alliance (RPA) education session “No Sweat Cooling in a High Humidity Environment Using Radiant Surfaces.”

New REHAU RAUPEX® SPEED Radiant Overpour Fastening System allows contractors to install heating pipe in overpour and concrete installations up to 30% faster. The RAUPEX SPEED O2 barrier pipe with hook-and-loop wrap is walked on to the RAUPEX SPEED mat without the use of specialized tools, not only saving time but also providing ergonomic advantages. The mat features an adhesive backer that attaches to a range of different thermal insulation, concrete and plywood materials without penetrating the surface, thus protecting thermal, vapor and sound insulation properties. Pipe can be easily detached and repositioned, saving time and reducing waste. For more information, visit

The company will also display its industry-leading radiant heating and cooling, snow and ice melting, geothermal ground loop heat exchange, and PEXa pre-insulated and hydronic distribution piping systems.

REHAU Radiant Heating and Cooling Systems can be used in combination with downsized air-handling systems to reduce HVAC energy consumption and initial investment costs while increasing thermal comfort in commercial buildings. These systems circulate warm and cool water through RAUPEX® crosslinked polyethylene (PEXa) pipe installed in floors, walls or ceilings. Since radiant systems require moderate supply fluid temperatures, typically 100-120°F (38-49°C) in heating mode and 55-60°F (13-16°C) in cooling mode, they are ideally compatible with geothermal equipment and can deliver some of the highest coefficients of performance. For educational resources about this technology and reference projects, visit

REHAU Snow and Ice Melting (SIM) Systems with Smart Controls efficiently eliminates snow and ice build-up from outdoor surfaces by circulating a heat transfer fluid through REHAU PEXa pipes installed within the SIM area, increasing surface safety while lowering maintenance costs and minimizing environmental impact. The REHAU Smart Controls SIM module senses everything from slab temperature and snow/ice to boiler supply and return fluid temperatures, while also “listening” to the weather forecast. When the control anticipates a storm, it can automatically warm the surface in advance of snow or ice. For educational resources about this technology and reference projects, visit

RAUGEOTM Geothermal Ground Loop Heat Exchange Systems exchange energy with the earth to heat and cool at a fraction of the operating costs of conventional HVAC, providing energy savings up to 50 percent and, when paired with hydronic radiant heating, the potential to reduce energy costs up to 70 percent. The REHAU RAUGEO™ ground loop heat exchange system employs a unique design and innovative materials to provide numerous advantages over traditional geothermal systems. REHAU RAUGEO PEXa piping offers superior flexibility and abrasion resistance compared to conventional HDPE geothermal systems, while pre-fabricated double U-bends exchange the same amount of energy with up to 30 percent less borehole footage than a single HDPE U-bend.

Pre-insulated and large diameter PEXa piping systems provide a cost-effective and labor-saving alternative to rigid piping for transferring hot or chilled fluid in commercial applications. INSULPEX® Pre-insulated PEXa Piping Systems are a flexible, continuous piping solution that minimizes temperature change in buried pipelines. REHAU Hydronic Distribution PEXa Piping Systems include up to 2 in. RAUPEX O2 Barrier pipe in coils and straight lengths, EVERLOC® compression-sleeve fittings and galvanized steel support channels for overhead distribution runs. Rounding out the company’s commercial line is the new PRO-BALANCE 1 in. Stainless Steel Manifold.

For additional information on REHAU’s complete line of mechanical solutions, visit their AHR Expo booth 1257 or visit their website at


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