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  • The electrician's guide to underfloor heating

    Some elements of UFH can be installed by the enthusiastic DIY practitioner; others should be connected by a qualified electrician.

  • Energy-Saving Electric Radiators

    This article is about raising awareness of energy-saving electric radiators that are suitable for any household but highly beneficial to people living or working in off-gas properties or commercial premises.

  • How to Lay Electrical Underfloor Heating

    When you’re thinking of different ways to improve the look and feel of your home, underfloor heating should certainly come into consideration.

  • Advantages of an Electric Floor Heating System

    Electric floor heating systems can be installed by placing electric cables built into the floors, or alternatively by installing electrically conductive plastic mounted into the sub-floor below the floors surface,...

  • Under-Floor Heating

    Under-floor heating is increasingly becoming a more common choice for homeowners to achieve the warmth and comfort desired in any property.