Published: September 8, 2016

Categories: Videos


Here's an excerpt from Dan Holohan's Classic Hydronics seminar. Click here to purchase this course.

In this all-technical three-hour-and-ten-minute seminar, Dan Holohan will give you a Liberal Arts education in those Classic Hydronics systems. He’ll have you seeing inside the pipes as he gives you a better understanding of how things work, what goes wrong with them, and why. He’ll share with you the secrets he’s picked up from the Old-Timers and he’ll make you a better troubleshooter. Dan has been giving this seminar to sold-out crowds for years at $129 per person. And it's now available in this convenient video format for a discounted price of just $99. Download this course to your computer and own it forever or stream it online for up to two years.

We'll look closely at:

  • The critical importance of pressure differential
  • Gravity hot water heating
  • Pumping
  • Radiation
  • One-pipe loops
  • One-pipe primary-secondary systems
  • Diverter tees
  • Two-pipe direct- and reverse-return
  • Two-pipe primary-secondary
  • Multiple boiler systems
  • Two-temperature systems
  • Air problems and their solutions (once and for all)
  • Classic radiant
  • And more!