Published: September 8, 2016

Categories: Videos


Here is an excerpt from Dan Holohan's Dead Men's Steam School Seminar. Click here to purchase this course.

This all-technical, three-hour-and-18-minute video seminar will make you familiar with the many types of old steam heating systems and what goes wrong with them. Dan Holohan’s easy-to-follow explanations will have you seeing inside these old systems. You’ll be a much better troubleshooter after this one. If you have to deal with America’s older steam systems, you’re going to love this course.

Dan Holohan has been giving this seminar to sold-out crowds for years at $129 per person. And it's now available in this convenient video format for a discounted price of just $99. Download this course to your computer and own it forever or stream it online for up to two years.

Whether you're new to the world of steam heating or an experienced pro, this course is filled with aha! moments that will sharpen your skills and increase your value on the job.

We'll look closely at:

  • Steam radiation of all kinds
  • Steam-heating loads
  • Boiler ratings
  • Proper near-boiler piping
  • The importance of water quality
  • All sorts of system piping
  • The value of pipe insulation
  • Pressure-reducing valves
  • Steam-to-water heat exchangers
  • Balancing systems with properly sized air vents
  • Curing water hammer once and for all
  • Getting the water back into the boiler
  • Pressure settings
  • Steam traps

You'll leave this class with a solid overview of steam heating as it applies to older buildings of all sizes.