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We specialize in steam, radiant and hot water systems.

Case Study: Mudd Residence


This was a renovation of an older home in Cleveland Park. We were planning to retrofit radiant floor heat into the kitchen floor. The architect specified that there were to be no thresholds or floor elevation changes between the finished floor of the kitchen and the existing floors.


Normally, we would attach our radiant piping to the floor and pour and overlay of gyp-crete of mudset over our pipe. Because of the added thickness, we could not do that in this installation.


In order to maintain proper floor elevations, we grooved the existing concrete slab using a gas-powered concrete saw and rotary chisels. This was labor-intensive, backbreaking work - messy and dusty, but we kept our word and completed this phase of the project in two days. I'm not sure I would try this again, though! We'd love to work with you on your project. Give us a call.

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