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Dan, several years ago, I went through my records and stopped counting when I attributed a half-million dollars in business directly to my Find A Contractor ad on your site. That figure is closer to $1 M at this point, maybe more. I chuckle when I see posts on the Wall complaining about business. The answer is right in front of them and it costs just a dollar a day. Buy an ad and do good work. Do what you say you will do. Show up on time. Charge more than it costs you. It’s not that hard.
Dan Foley, Foley Mechanical, Lorton, VA
I have advertised my plumbing and heating services for many years with The Find a Contractor section of You're getting prequalified and high-quality leads simply because of the Golden Holohan Name. It's a name synonymous in our industry with a high level of education, expertise, and a heavy dose of integrity. You're going to do the right thing, the client knows it going in, and that is an almost certain sale. Last, the cost is easily covered after just a few jobs. I guarantee it will the most cost-effective advertising you'll ever do.
Matt "Mad Dog" Sweeney, NY
You can be one of the best at something, but that doesn't mean much if no one knows about you. Our company tried various advertising venues when we started it in 2005, but none proved as effective as This is the only place we advertise now.
Frank "Steamhead" Wilsey, All Steamed Up, Baltimore, MD

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