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  • Antifreeze for Hydronic Systems

    In response to a person on the Wall who asked, "Can I add antifreeze to my heating system?"

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Solar

    Q: What is the difference between solar thermal and solar photovoltaic (PV)?

  • Solar Plumbing Design pdf

    Here is an interesting story for you. Jessica Baldwin told me about the reclamation of these old solar panels. Nothing stands in this woman's way. 

  • Flat panels or evacuated tubes?

    Here's another interesting thread that appeared on the Wall.

  • Solar drain-back systems

    This is an interesting thread that appeared on the Wall

  • At what time is solar panel functionality at its best?

    In recent years, solar panels have improved to the point that the technology is now available to consumers at more-affordable prices and with improved levels of efficiency. The two options available in solar technology are thermal panels, which are used to heat your home’s hot water, and PV panels, which supply your home with electricity. However, the time at which solar panels perform to their maximum is not so clear cut.