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At G.W. Gill Plumbing & Heating, we are specialists at the steam and hot water systems found in the Heights communities. Licensed by Cleveland as a Master Plumber and licensed by the State of Ohio in Plumbing and Hydronics.

Case Study: Steam and Hot Water Heating


At G.W. Gill Plumbing and Heating, we do a lot of steam and gravity hot water heating system work. The challenge posed by this is different than that faced by companies that specialize in newer, high-tech systems. They have factory technical support, and supply house support, for example. We, on the other hand, are dealing with old steam systems and hot water systems that were put in by companies that no longer exist, and by plumbers that are long dead. In short, our challenge is in knowing what we are looking at, knowing the system, prior to any work taking place. And there is no available factory tech support here.


Our approach is to study these old systems from top to bottom. We go back in time and get into the heads of the long dead plumbers and look at the system through their eyes. The old- timers found ways around each and every obstacle placed in their way. And most of the time, they did it with no moving parts. They were true master of physics. It's our goal to restore these old systems to their former glory. The homeowners deserve it. The geniuses who developed these systems deserve it. And the original installing plumbers deserve it. We approach your job with this attitude.


We specialize in these old one pipe steam, two pipe steam, vapor steam systems, gravity hot water and converted to pumped, hot water systems. We are probably some of the last individuals still experimenting and developing new techniques and methods for steam heating. Our research has led to the charting of the venting rates of most steam air vents and radiator traps available today and in the past, and the automatic water feeder interrupter switch system for steam boilers. We developed this information and technology to make ourselves more proficient at these older systems, like the one you may have in your own home. Visit our website and look at our workmanship, and this we can do for you too. If we can make a long dead plumber smile, and make you smile, we will have done our job. --We had numerous requests for handles on radiator valves to look like the original handles. Not the plastic junk provided today. We now manufacture wood handles for radiator valves and matching wood escutcheons should someone desire them.

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