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Case Study: Brooklyn, NY


This Brooklyn apartment building was originally a public grammar school before it was converted into a 10-unit residence. The building’s old, dirt-clogged oil boiler had frequent, costly breakdowns, was very inefficient, and cost the owners exceedingly high operating bills because of its age and condition.


Gateway suggested removing the old boiler and installing new, high-efficiency equipment in a smart way, including a modulating/condensing boiler with all-new distribution piping. After removal, the old boiler would be properly recycled.


Gateway removed the old boiler, cleaned the area around and under it, and brought in the new, high-efficiency boilers and indoor/outdoor temperature sensors and controls. Gateway then installed all new piping, piping supports, and insulation, as well as a new utility sink for servicemen to clean the boilers and service parts. The new system was installed in November, already two months into the heating season. Compared to the cost of operating the old boiler, the owners report to have saved over $6,000 in heating bills the first year alone. We are proud to have been a part of these green solutions and welcome the opportunity to discuss your heating energy needs.

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