Published: June 6, 2014

Categories: Boilers Prior to 1959

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This section contains pages 65 through 86 and includes ratings for these manufacturers: Crane Co., Crocker Htg. Eqpt. Co., Crotty Mfg.Co., Crown Home Equipment, Cruikshank Utilities, Co., V.M., Davis Co.,John, Davis Engineering Corp., De-Lon Corp., Delco Appliance Div.,Delta Heating Corp., Deringer Boiler Co., De Soto Oil Burner Corp.,Dewey Shepard Boiler Co., Diesel Oil Burner Corp. of N.Y., Dodge,August W., Dowdeswell Co., Albert J., Drill Mfg., Co., Dunkirk RadiatorCorp., Eastern Boiler Co., Eastern Foundry Co., Easternoil, Inc.,Eckhart Mfg. Co., Edwards Engineering Corp., Electric Furnace-Man,Inc., Electrol Burner Mfg. Co., Erie City Iron Works, Esso Standard OilCo., Ettinger Co., J.M., Farrar & Trefts, Inc., Federal Boiler Co.,Federal Radiator Co., Fitzgibbons Boiler Co., Fluid Heat Div., ForanBoiler Co.