Published: June 4, 2014

Categories: Boilers Prior to 1959

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This section contains pages 109 through 127 and includes ratings for these manufacturers: Ideal Furnace Co., Instant Heat Oil Burner Corp.,International Boiler Works Co., International Heater Co., Iowa Mfg.Co., Iron Fireman Mfg. Co., Johnson Co., S. T., Johnson Washburn Co.,Johnson Bros., Inc., K & G Mfg. Co., Kanawha Mfg. Co., Kellogg MacKay Co., Kelvinator Div., Kewanee-Ross Corp., Keystone Boiler &Foundry Co., Keystone Driller Co., Kleen-Heet Inc., Kohler Co.,Kool-Base Boiler Co., Koven & Brothers, Inc, L.O., Landsale BoilerCo., Leader Iron Works,