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  • The Danger of Food Contamination by Aluminum pdf

    Larry Weingarten, who knows more about water heaters than most of us, shared this 1932 booklet with us. We include it in the Water Heater section because some water heaters have aluminum anode...

  • Domestic hot water recirculation systems

    It's really not your mother's fault. How could she have known you would wind up in such a dilemma one day because of a check valve? Here you are, with sediment clogging...

  • How to keep your water heater from becoming a legal nightmare

    To some, water heaters are as mysterious as a black hole. That black hole sucks in nearly six million heaters (from the United States) each year as people endure the cycle of installing...

  • Hot tips for water heater installations

    You could install a water heater in your sleep, right? Well, you've probably had to deal with installations that look like that's what someone did, and they're not a pretty sight. But competition...

  • Tankless water heaters

    Paloma, Bosch, Rinnai, Takagi...there are lots of tankless, or instantaneous, water heaters out there these days. They do a great job and lots of homes in Europe use them. Here in America, though,...

  • Water Heater Rescue

    My friends run this terrific site called Water Heater Rescue. Visit the Tank while you're there. It's like The Wall, but for water heaters. 

  • Bryant patent pdf

    This patent is courtesy of the late, great Joe Szakacs. Joe loved anything Bryant. He told us that this is the first boiler Bryant ever manufactured. He also told us that he...

  • Bell & Gossett's Excelso heater pdf

    This was B & G's first product. Thanks to Steve Pajek for finding and sharing the patent.

  • The Cleveland Heater Company's 1949 anode patent pdf

    Gerry Gill tells me that this company was at the forefront of anode protection. Joe Szakacs first shared this information with Gerry, and now he has shared it with us. Rest in peace,...

  • Elno booklet pdf

    A well-written booklet that explains how anodes work. Thanks to Joe Szakacs for sharing this with us.   

  • Anti-corrosion device pdf

    Thanks to Joe Szakacs for sharing this 1949 patent with us.

  • Anode patent pdf

     A 1929 patent on an early anode, courtesy of Joe Szakacs, one of the great old-timers.