Lochinvar® Introduced 96.2%-Efficient CREST® Boiler Models

Published: December 15, 2014

Categories: Manufacturer News

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Lochinvar, LLC has expanded its line of CREST® Condensing Boilers to include three new models with 750,000, 1.0 million and 1.25 million Btu/hr inputs. Featuring Lochinvar’s patented Wave™ fire-tube design and advanced combustion technology, the new CREST Boiler models deliver 96.2 percent thermal efficiency and up to 20:1 modulation turndown. With the addition of the new models, the CREST line now includes 10 condensing commercial boilers with inputs ranging from 750,000 Btu/hr up to 5.0 million Btu/hr.

Advanced Combustion Technology + Patented Fire-Tube Design

CREST Boilers are designed with a top-mounted micro-metal fiber burner, engineered specifically for fire-tube technology. The exclusive Wave fire-tube configuration creates turbulence as flue gas products flow down the tube, scrubbing the energy. As water flows up the vessel, super-heated flue products flow down the fire tubes. With one pass, heat is transferred and flue gases reach condensing temperatures. The innovative system ensures smooth, quiet modulating combustion from as low as five percent of the maximum firing rate up to 100 percent as the heating load increases. By matching the actual system demand, modulation reduces operating costs, enhances long-term reliability and provides improved seasonal and operating efficiencies.

SMART TOUCH Technology

With an eight-inch touchscreen and multi-color interface, the CREST Boiler’s SMART TOUCH operating system provides unequaled control and easy-to-use monitoring functions. The SMART TOUCH control can be integrated directly into a Building Automation System through BACnet, ModBus and other communication protocols using a gateway device.

In addition, the system’s built-in cascading sequencer allows up to eight CREST Boilers to be sequenced using a simple two-wire, daisy-chain connection. Cascade sequencing can be programmed for Lead-Lag or Efficiency Optimized operation. The new CREST models also feature cascade redundancy, which provides peace of mind by helping to ensure that a multi-boiler system will always deliver reliable performance without downtime. If the lead boiler is turned off for maintenance, cascade redundancy automatically shifts the lead role to the second sequenced boiler.

Variable Flow Functionality + Flexible Venting Options

Fire-tube technology also allows CREST Boilers to operate over a wide range of flow rates with very low pressure drop, allowing for a full flow system. This streamlines installation by eliminating the additional time and materials costs required for primary/secondary piping and the pumps needed to maintain flow in a water-tube boiler. Variable primary flow also results in greater flexibility when it comes to handling frequent fluctuations in the system flow rate.

Adding to the ease of installation, the CREST Boiler offers six venting options and permits direct-vent air intake and exhaust runs up to 100 equivalent feet. In addition, multiple units can be common-vented to reduce time and materials cost.

“The expansion of the CREST Boiler line brings the industry’s most advanced fire-tube technology to a wider range of commercial applications,” said Jeff Vallett, segment market manager for Lochinvar. “From its innovative design and exceptional efficiency to the all-in-one SMART TOUCH operating control, the CREST Boiler takes fire-tube technology to a new level.”

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