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Dead Men Tales Podcast

dead men tales

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During’s Dead Men Tales podcast, industry expert and master storyteller Dan Holohan shares the stories behind the work and fun facts you may not know about heating history.

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Archive for July, 2022

Running Down A Heating Mystery

There are always undeniable truths when you're troubleshooting, but sometimes we miss them because we arrive at the job with our minds made up already. In this episode, D...

Published on 07/26/2022 4:45 AM
The Dopey Kid Who Used To Wear Your Clothes

In this episode, Dan Holohan tells the comical tale of a life lesson learned the hard way. Episode Transcript A lesson in life learned the hard way: Never gloat over some...

Published on 07/19/2022 4:45 AM
How One Missing Pipe Can Make All the Difference

In this episode, Dan Holohan shares the solution for a common problem in areas where contractors add hot-water zones to steam boilers. Episode Transcript A friend of mine...

Published on 07/12/2022 4:45 AM
Dangerous Dan and the Hole in the Ground

In this episode, Dan Holohan tells you a tale that will keep you spellbound, of Dangerous Dan and the hole in the ground. Episode Transcript I’m going to tell you a true ...

Published on 07/05/2022 4:45 AM