The Contractor Stories

The Contractor Stories

by Dan Holohan

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In 1996, a couple of nice guys approached me about writing a monthly column for Contractor magazine. I asked what they wanted me to write about and they said they’d love to hear me tell some good stories about contractors and what happened to them along the way. I could even make some parts up if it helped the story along. Who could say no to that? Anyway, they kept me around for 67 issues until a new owner came along and had the good sense to fire us all. I complimented the new guy and left with the stories. So here they are, together again after all these years. I hope you enjoy meeting these folks as much as I enjoyed telling their stories. I’ve changed all the names, of course. You would have done the same if you had met them. - Dan Holohan


Publication date:
July 20, 2017

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