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Our comprehensive HVAC Systems Help Center covers a wide range of HVAC-related topics, including air conditioning and heat pumps, geothermal, hot-water heating, thermostats and controls, solar, steam heating, and warm air. We also have a section of informative and entertaining articles to help you sharpen your HVAC business skills. And our Heating Museum is a captivating journey through the evolution of HVAC technologies. 

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Archive for January, 2022

noise or music
Noise or Music?

In 1992, I self-published a thick book I called, "The Lost Art of Steam Heating." I did this because I could not get a publisher interested in something that few, if any,...

Published on 01/10/2022 2:39 PM by Dan Holohan
Posted in The HVAC Business
If I Knew Then

I didn’t know then that you’re not supposed to hold a baby over your head and bounce her around. Especially after she’s just sucked down six ounces of Similac and several...

Published on 01/10/2022 1:45 PM by Dan Holohan
Posted in The HVAC Business
Utica Radiator Corporation, 1963

This 1963 booklet from Utica Radiator Corporation contains information about Utica's Donobilt gas and oil boilers, Utica Series 8 boilers, Utica Starfire boilers, Utica C...

Published on 01/10/2022 9:04 AM
Posted in Heating Museum
The Case for Radiator Covers

In March 2010, a nine-month-old boy rolled off his sister’s bed in Jersey City, New Jersey, and got stuck between the bed and a cast-iron, steam radiator that was as hot ...

Published on 01/05/2022 2:20 PM
Posted in Steam Heating