Energy efficiency in the heating market: ISH Energy presents entire spectrum of innovative building controls technology

Published: February 19, 2015

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Using efficient heating technologies and environmentally friendly air-conditioning, cooling and ventilation equipment to achieve energy savings.

The heating and environmental controls market has a key role to play making the energy turnaround a success. Over 50 percent of the energy consumed by end users in Germany is for the generation of heat in single and multiple family dwellings and in the industrial sector. At the same time the German market is marked by the slow pace of modernisation. Of the approximately 20.5 million central heating units in German boiler rooms around 70 percent of them are significantly more than 20 years old and, as a result, are not as efficient as they need to be. Modernising the existing outdated heating systems could reduce the amount of energy consumed by end-users by around 13 percent. This is more energy than is produced by all the nuclear power stations together that are still currently connected to the grid. If the existing industrial systems were also modernised, of which similarly only around 17 percent are state of the art, it would even be possible to achieve savings of around 15 percent of end-user energy consumption in Germany.

Furthermore the use of modern air-conditioning and ventilation equipment can also bring considerable energy savings. The conclusion from a recently completed survey is that the air-conditioning units in non-residential buildings in Germany are on average around 25 years old. A large part of these do not consume energy efficiently. In spite of the legal obligation according to § 12 of the German Energy Saving Directive (EnEv) less than three percent of the systems that are older than ten years have been audited for their energy use. Energy savings of up to 20.4 terawatt hours of heat energy and 12.5 terawatt hours of electricity would be achievable through operational optimisation, fan replacement or the retrofitting of efficient heat recovery – this equates to around
12.9 million tonnes of CO2.

Increasing the pace of modernisation in the building sector would not simply benefit the climate and the environment, because the heating and environmental controls market is a significant part of the economy that promotes growth, employment and innovation in Germany.

The latest developments in the field of energy efficient heating technologies and environmentally-friendly air-conditioning, cooling and ventilation equipment will be on show at the ISH, the leading world trade fair for the industry, in Frankfurt am Main from 10 to 14 March 2015. The theme for the show is ‘Comfort meets Technology’ and over 2,400 exhibitors, including all market and technological leaders from home and abroad, will have brand new products to present. The range of market-ready products, technologies and solutions on show at the ISH is unique in its diversity. In its breadth and depth the show covers all aspects of future-orientated building controls technology.

The leading theme of the ISH Energy section is ‘energy efficiency plus’ and it is located on the western side of Fair and Exhibition Centre in Halls 8, 9, 10, 11 and in the Galleria. The section focuses on heating and environmental control technology in combination with renewable energies and so shows the entire spectrum of innovative building controls technology. In this ‘ISH Energy’ section cooling, air-conditioning and ventilation equipment is brought together under the name ‘Aircontec’. Here the focus is on sustainable and future-orientated solutions for the air-conditioning and ventilation of buildings.

The section ‘ISH Water’ is dedicated on the one hand to design-orientated bathroom solutions but also to modern, sustainable sanitation technology tailored to meet today’s needs. The combination of the two sections of ‘ISH Energy’ and ‘ISH Water’ is unique and makes this leading world trade fair both an innovation platform and an important source of inspiration for the sustainable and efficient use of water and energy.

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