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I started this business after working 15 years at a pharmaceutical company site and 10 years before that at an oil and gas company. I have a wide range of experience to offer a diverse client base.

Services: We provide complete HVAC system installation and repair, oil and gas service, and Indoor Air Quality products such as humidifiers, energy recovery ventilators and high efficiency air filters.

Case Study: Feenan Job

My wife's best friend at the time purchased an old home with a 'gravity' hot water heating system. This is a system that doesn't have a circulator pump for moving the water. The original oil-fired boiler was connected to 2 inch piping that went to the cast iron radiators. She wanted to replace the boiler but keep the radiators. The new boiler would have a circulator pump installed. I knew that due to the large capacity of water the system contained, we would have to protect the new boiler from thermal shock.
At the time, I had never replaced a boiler that didn't have a circulator pump. I remembered reading about how to do this type of conversion and found the book that explained what would be needed.
The solution was simple. I piped in a bypass that would take some of the hot water from the boiler supply and direct it to the boiler return piping. This would raise the return water temperature right before it entered the boiler. I also added a valve and thermometer so that I could get the right amount of bypass water. Everything worked out well.

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