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Stratus Mechanical Services

453 Mulberry Street, Naugatuck, CT 06770
Contact: Michael Van Horn
Phone: (203) 687-2872


We have a wide range of experience in the HVAC industry to offer a diverse client base. We are affiliated with EnergizeCT which offers qualifying customers Utility Rebates. We are also affiliated with programs designed to assist people with financial help for the installation of high-efficiency heating and air conditioning equipment. There's more information about this at our website.


We provide complete HVAC system installation and repair of oil-fired, gas-fired, air-conditioning and heat pump systems. For Commercial customers, we design preventive maintenance programs to keep their equipment running efficiently and reliably.


Case Study

Outler Project


Customer on a fixed-income has electric baseboard heat and wants to replace it with a mini-split heat pump system and receive utility rebates to help pay for the project. The house is a 1,200 square foot, three bedroom ranch.


Survey the home for the project and get measurements to perform a load calculation to size the equipment. The load calculation reveals that each bedroom requires only about 3,500 btus an hour on a 0 degree F design day. The smallest wall mount unit can put out twice that amount, 7,000 btus an hour, and would be oversized thus making the system less efficient. The main living area heat loss would be taken care of by a single 18,000 btu/hr wall mount unit.


The approach we took for the bedrooms was to use a small air handling unit designed to work with the mini-split heat pump. We designed a ducted system and installed floor registers in each bedroom and an air return in the hallway. The air handling unit was connected to a single, multi-zone heat pump that was also running the wall mounted unit that took care of the main living area. The customer received in total about $4,000 in utility rebates. Last I heard, she was binge-watching her favorite show in a tank top and shorts in the middle of January.