Published: June 5, 2014

Categories: Boilers Prior to 1959

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This section contains pages 87 through 108 and includes ratings for these manufacturers: Freed Heater and Mfg. Co., Frost Mfg. Co., GarWood Industries, General Automatic Products Corp., General Electric Co., General Heating Products Corp., General Oil Burner Corp., General Oil Heating Corp., General-Republic Heating Products Co., Gibbons Co.M.J., Gilbert & Barker Mfg. Co, Giblin & Co., Gibraltar Corp.of America, Inc., Glore Co., Evins F., Gorton Heating Corp., GraffFurnace Co., Green Mfg. Co., A., Gurney Heater Mfg. Co., Handon Boiler Corp., Hanson-Gates Mfg. Co., Inc., Harner Boiler Corp., Hart &Crouse Corp., Hart Heat Div. of Avery Farm Machinery Co.,Harvey-Whipple, Inc., Hayes Pump & Planter Co., Hayward Oil BurnerCorp., Heating Systems Corp., Heatmaster Boiler Div., Heil-Quaker Corp., Henion & Hubbell, Herbert Boiler Co., Herco Oil Burner Corp., Herendeen Mfg. Co., Hersey & Son. George H., Hitchings &Co., Hoffberger Co. C., Holland Radiator Co., Homease Products Div.,Hook & Ackerman, Inc., Hook Heater Co., Hook Mfg. Co., Hopson & Chapin Mfg. Co., Hudson Boiler Mfg. Co., Hydrotherm, Inc.