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Beacon Boiler Reference Book, Boilers Made Prior to 1959, Part 5

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This is an excerpt of the Beacon Boiler Reference Book, Sixth Edition and includes ratings for boilers made prior to 1959. This section contains pages 87 through 108 and includes ratings for these manufacturers: Freed Heater and Mfg. Co., Frost Mfg. Co., GarWood Industries, General Automatic Products Corp., General Electric Co., General Heating Products Corp., General Oil Burner Corp., General Oil Heating Corp., General-Republic Heating Products Co., Gibbons Co.M.J., Gilbert & Barker Mfg. Co, Giblin & Co., Gibraltar Corp.of America, Inc., Glore Co., Evins F., Gorton Heating Corp., Graff Furnace Co., Green Mfg. Co., A., Gurney Heater Mfg. Co., Handon Boiler Corp., Hanson-Gates Mfg. Co., Inc., Harner Boiler Corp., Hart & Crouse Corp., Hart Heat Div. of Avery Farm Machinery Co.,Harvey-Whipple, Inc., Hayes Pump & Planter Co., Hayward Oil BurnerCorp., Heating Systems Corp., Heatmaster Boiler Div., Heil-Quaker Corp., Henion & Hubbell, Herbert Boiler Co., Herco Oil Burner Corp., Herendeen Mfg. Co., Hersey & Son. George H., Hitchings &Co., Hoffberger Co. C., Holland Radiator Co., Homease Products Div., Hook & Ackerman, Inc., Hook Heater Co., Hook Mfg. Co., Hopson & Chapin Mfg. Co., Hudson Boiler Mfg. Co., and Hydrotherm, Inc.


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