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  • The Stoker's Catechism pdf

    In London, during 1906, W. J. Connor published this Q&A booklet for those tasked with stoking steam boilers.

  • OXI cleaner pdf

    Here's an interesting cleaning product for coal-fired boilers, circa-1950. Thanks to Michael Keefe Brewer for sharing.

  • Heating the House pdf

    A wonderful explanation of what was involved with caring for a coal-heated home in 1943. From The New York Times, 1944.

  • Grades and Size of Coal pdf

    From Spencer Heater's 1917 Steamfitters Handbook

  • Coal-Fired Heating

    In the days before central heating life was hard. So hard, in fact, that it’s almost impossible for us to comprehend the difference that central heating made to people’s lives.

  • A Century of Progress in Domestic Heating pdf

    An interesting brochure from the Anthracite Institute. Not dated but probably published in the 1930s.