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Dead Men Tales Podcast

dead men tales

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During’s Dead Men Tales podcast, industry expert and master storyteller Dan Holohan shares the stories behind the work and fun facts you may not know about heating history.

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Archive for January, 2022

The $37 Million Steam Trap

Ignoring preventative maintenance can have disastrous consequences. Take this story, for instance. Episode Transcript Here’s to preventative maintenance, a practice that’...

Published on 01/25/2022 4:45 AM
Events That Shaped Heating History

From explosions to inventions, Dan Holohan shares a timeline of events that impacted the heating industry and the fascinating stories behind them. Episode Transcript Thes...

Published on 01/18/2022 4:45 AM
The Redflash Reckoning

In this episode, Dan Holohan tells a story about a mansion with two Ideal Redflash boilers, each with a rating of 500,000 Btuh. Episode Transcript Back when our business ...

Published on 01/11/2022 4:45 AM
All That History Nonsense

In this episode, Dan Holohan explains why this “history nonsense” gives us the insight we need to keep things in perspective and solve the toughest heating problems. Epis...

Published on 01/04/2022 4:45 AM