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During’s Dead Men Tales podcast, industry expert and master storyteller Dan Holohan shares the stories behind the work and fun facts you may not know about heating history.

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Recent Articles

An American Love Story

In this episode, Dan Holohan shares the story of a century-old family business and the quiet pride that accompanies their manufacturing process. Episode Transcript Happy ...

Published on 04/06/2021 4:45 AM
The Illuminating Beginnings of Gas Boilers

In this episode, Dan Holohan takes us back to 1917 when the gas lighting industry, threatened by Edison’s lightbulb, branched into the business of gas boilers and furnace...

Published on 03/30/2021 4:45 AM
Heating John Lennon’s Apartment

In this episode, Dan Holohan takes us to NYC’s Dakota Apartments, where John Lennon once lived. It has a circa-1880 steam heating system and was home to one of the world’...

Published on 03/23/2021 4:45 AM
How Schlemmer’s Tee Shaped Hydronics

Oliver Schlemmer’s fitting was the first tee capable of consciously diverting water into a radiator. In this episode, Dan Holohan shares how the O-S fitting paved the way...

Published on 03/16/2021 4:45 AM
The Curious History of PEX

If a shoe factory had been present in Thomas Engel’s vicinity at the time he invented PEX, we would perhaps today be walking around on shoe soles made of cross-linked pol...

Published on 03/09/2021 4:45 AM
The Caretaker of Heating History

Take a walk through history in this episode with Dan Holohan and his friend Bob as they explore Doug Starbuck’s circa-1872 workshop and the treasures that lie within it. ...

Published on 02/23/2021 4:45 AM
The Secret to Heating Old Churches

In this episode, Dan Holohan shares advice for keeping old churches and other buildings with lofty ceilings comfortable in the winter without sending fuel bills soaring. ...

Published on 02/16/2021 4:45 AM
Gold’s Mattress Radiator

In this episode, Dan Holohan uncovers the fascinating history of Stephen Gold’s mattress radiator, the first safe and successful steam radiator for house heating. Episode...

Published on 02/09/2021 4:45 AM
Hydronic Heating for Health in 1911

The East River Homes were built by the Vanderbilts as a model tenement for tuberculosis patients in 1911. The engineers chose hydronic heating for sanitary reasons, perha...

Published on 02/02/2021 4:45 AM