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ADEY® MC3+™ and MC1+™ System Treatment Formulas: Innovative Solutions that Combat Iron Oxide Sludge

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ADEY, a U.K.-based company whose pioneering MagnaClean® magnetic filters were recently rolled out in the U.S., is now introducing a line of innovative, concentrated System Treatment Formulas designed to clean and protect hydronic heating systems.

MC3+ Cleaner and MC1+ Protector both serve different purposes, but are both born of the same need to combat a frequently overlooked enemy of untreated hydronic heating systems — iron oxide sludge.

The Problem: Iron Oxide Sludge

With the advent of high-efficiency equipment, installers are finding that even in very small quantities, iron oxide sludge can potentially cause expensive damage — and significant drops in efficiency and performance — to boilers and ECM pumps. Both are particularly vulnerable to the damaging effects of sludge due to their narrower waterways, which can easily clog with debris. Dr. Neil Watson, ADEY Chief Technical Officer, sums it up this way: “Even the highest-quality boiler will deteriorate rapidly if it is fitted to a dirty system that hasn’t been flushed and cleaned effectively.”

The Solution: ADEY System Treatment Formulas

Enter ADEY System Treatment Formulas. An integral part of the ADEY 5-Step Best Practice approach for cleaning and maintaining hydronic systems, MC3+ and MC1+ System Treatment Formulas work to produce results that ultimately boost system efficiency and performance.

MC3+ Cleaner (left), a concentrated liquid, works by loosening debris and scale so it can be harmlessly flushed from the system. The product can be left in the system for as little as one hour, or as long as 28 days. After the system is drained to flush loosened debris, system flow is restored. As a result, the system’s heating efficiency is also restored.

MC1+ Protector (left), also a concentrated liquid, is designed to be used after MC3+. It prevents scale buildup and dramatically slows the oxidation process that causes the formation of iron oxide sludge, maintaining system efficiency by keeping narrow waterways flowing freely. As a protective agent, MC1+ is designed to remain in the system without being flushed.

Both products are available in single-use bottles or Rapid-Dose canisters fitted with an adaptor that delivers the formula in 20 seconds. Either delivery method treats 33 gallons, or up to 15 radiators, in a single treatment. Designed to work best in conjunction with ADEY MagnaClean magnetic filters, they can be delivered directly into a MagnaClean canister, or via the radiator or purge and fill point. 

A Culture of Innovation

 “Everything we do is driven by innovation,” say Dr. Watson. In his position as Chief Technical Officer, that innovation extends to how ADEY creates and tests their products as well. ADEY
has its own state-of-the-art laboratory, where products, including MC3+ and MC1+, are formulated and tested to make sure they meet stringent criteria for quality and consistency. “It’s something we can do that none of our competitors currently do, and I believe none
of our competitors will be able to do,” says
Dr. Watson. 

Best Practices — Advancing the Industry

ADEY System Treatment Formulas, like MC3+ and MC1+, are part of the foundation of ADEY’s Best Practice approach, a multi-step process designed with installers’ and end-users’ best interests in mind. John Vaughan, ADEY’s Managing Director, explains it this way:

“For the past couple of years, we’ve been leading the charge in moving the industry towards the adoption of a best practice approach to ongoing heating system maintenance and protection, which includes system cleaning, magnetic filtration, chemical water treatment and water testing. This shift in focus was prompted by the development of ADEY’s own premium quality chemicals.”  Designed specifically to work with ADEY magnetic filters, Vaughan says the company saw that a “holistic approach to water treatment could deliver even greater results in protecting systems from damaging corrosion.”

ADEY’s work with leading boiler manufacturers in the U.K. has raised awareness among installers, and their customers, of the need for heating system maintenance to keep lengthy warranties intact. As the company’s complete line of residential and commercial MagnaClean magnetic filters gains ground in the United States, ADEY hopes to advance toward that same objective throughout North America.

“Currently, our mission is to continue developing products that ensure installers are equipped with the best tools for the job, providing them with effective solutions that solve their everyday problems,” says Vaughan. “We also believe this is critical in driving the adoption of better standards across the industry. That’s why our biggest challenge is also our biggest opportunity — to inspire change.”


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