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Aeroseal LLC, the owner and licensee of aeroseal duct sealing technology has acquired Comfort Institute (CI), a leading provider of home performance equipment and training for the HVAC industry. The acquisition combines the two organization’s expertise to immediately create the HVAC industry’s most complete and authoritative outlet for home performance training and ongoing professional support.

Comfort Institute LLC will continue to provide the current CI service offerings while adding additional services, all now as a wholly owned business unit of Aeroseal LLC.

“This is a strong move for both companies and it’s a stronger move for the industry as a whole,” said EPA’s National Manager, Energy Star HVAC Verified Installation Program, Chandler von Schrader. “Home performance needs competent contractors that understand total systems and how to remediate them. This includes the distribution systems, and Aeroseal really fills that void. This is a good move across the board.”

The merger will combine complimentary resources and strengthen the offerings that both organizations provide the HVAC industry. It will enhance Aeroseal dealers’ sales and duct renovation capabilities, and provide an avenue to success in the broader home performance market. Backed by Aeroseal, Comfort Institute will have greater resources to invest in member services. CI members will benefit from significantly increased regional training opportunities, enhanced business process systems, greater networking opportunities, and easier access to product innovations.

“I can attribute a large part of our success in Home Performance to the combination of our Aeroseal dealership with our CI Membership,” said Steve Schmidt, President of Frederick Air Inc., Frederick, MD and National board member of ACCA. “I could not be more excited for the industry that these two organizations have officially joined forces. No doubt, greater contractor success and remarkable customer satisfaction is on the horizon!”

“Aeroseal duct sealing technology has dramatically changed the way our industry thinks about home comfort, IAQ and energy savings, while Comfort Institute was the first to train and equip HVAC professionals to succeed in the growing home performance contracting sector,” said Aeroseal CEO & President Amit Gupta. “Through this merger, we will now have the added expertise and resources to provide the HVAC community an entirely new level of service and support.”

Under the acquisition, several key Comfort Institute personnel will remain in their current positions. Brendan Reid and Ken Summers will continue to lead Comfort Institute. Comfort Institute’s main facility, warehouse and offices will be relocated to Centerville, Ohio.

“Duct sealing is almost always the highest priority improvement a home performance contractor recommends,” says Reid. “We are excited to now be part of the Aeroseal team. It’s a natural fit and will enable us to be the best home performance resource for the HVAC industry.”

About The Comfort Institute
For the past 16 years, Comfort Institute Inc. has provided HVAC experts with equipment and training needed to implement Home Performance Contracting. Spun off in 1998 from instrument manufacturer Retrotec, the company is recognized as the first company to specifically offer support to HVAC contractors expanding into Home Performance. Its founder Brendan Reid, was named one of the HVAC industry’s top 25 difference makers in 2012, by Matt Michel of Service Roundtable.

About Aeroseal LLC

Aeroseal is the sole owner and licensee of Aeroseal technology, an industry-changing duct sealing solution that is quickly altering the way builders, engineers, HVAC professionals and others are viewing energy savings and home performance. The U.S. Department of Energy called aeroseal technology one of the most significant energy-saving solutions to be made available to consumers since the department was first established.


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