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Armstrong Announces New Booster Systems with Permanent Magnet Motors & Booster Manager Software

Armstrong Booster

Armstrong Fluid Technology has announced new versions of the Design Envelope 6800 Vertical Multistage Booster with Design Envelope Permanent Magnet motors for increased energy efficiency.

The new Design Envelope 6800 boosters also offer Booster Manager, an innovative cloud-based Performance Management service. Booster Manager delivers industry leading analytics and performance insights including profiles of energy and water consumption. Through continuous performance management, reports and alerts, Booster Manager increases reliability and sustains optimal performance in a booster system.

Working in combination, Booster Manager and the new Ultra-Premium Efficiency IE5 Design Envelope Permanent Magnet motors provide up to 40% additional savings​ compared to booster systems with Premium efficiency NEMA motors with integrated drives.

Brent Ross, Director, Configured and Standard Building Products with Armstrong comments, "With Design Envelope Permanent Magnet motors and Booster Manager, these new Design Envelope 6800 Booster Systems provide tremendous value for customers through a combination of energy savings and increased reliability."


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