Armstrong Fluid Technology Introduces its New E Series Pump-Less Volute Kit

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Armstrong Fluid Technology has announced the introduction of its E.2 Pump-Less Volute (PLV) kit which is designed to upgrade, renew or replace all working parts of all models in the E Series family of circulators.

The kits are suitable for both hydronic fluid and potable water applications and include all the new features that were introduced with the second generation of the E Series.

The E.2 Series are energy-efficient, Dry Motor circulators designed for a wide range of applications. They include a permanently lubricated mechanical seal that can be replaced quickly and easily. Featuring improved durability and enhanced protection against leakage and water damage to electrical components, the key design elements of the E.2 Series include:

  • • New water slinger to protect motor against water intrusion
  • Larger, stainless steel shaft
  • Sealed, permanently lubricated bearings
  • Bellows-style mechanical seal with silicon carbide wear surfaces

The energy-efficient dry motor design and hydraulics of the E.2 Series circulator is rated higher than many other fixed speed circulators in its class, and the wire-to-water efficiency provides more energy savings for building owners. The compact size of the E.2 Series circulators, with minimized flange-to-flange dimensions, makes installation easy and also allows contractors to complete an installation without making changes to existing piping.

Because the new E.2 PLV Kits are also compatible with the original E series, it is now possible to upgrade the older series to the latest E.2 Series technology.

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