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Armstrong Introduces High Performance Pressurizing Pump for the Latin American Market

armstrong pressurizing pump

Armstrong Fluid Technology has unveiled a new high performance Pressurizing Pump for the Latin American residential market that is designed to increase hydraulic pressure in homes that have dishwashers, high-flow showerheads, water heaters and other high-demand equipment.

Featuring low power consumption and a flow sensor that allows automatic activation, the new Armstrong Pressurizing Pump can supply a home with 1 to 5 bathrooms. It can be installed at the outlet of a water tank or before any supply or derivation to service.

Adaptable to both cold and hot water up to 90°C, the new pump is ideal for instantaneous heaters. It can also be used for ventilation, heating and air conditioning circulation.

The pump activates automatically when a tap is opened and turns off when the tap is closed.


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