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Armstrong Introduces New Energy-Savings Horizontal End Suction Pumps Featuring Integrated Controls

DE 4200 H 3

Armstrong Fluid Technology announces the introduction of two new series of Horizontal End Suction Design Envelope (DE) Pumps featuring Sensorless integrated controls for greater energy savings.

Both the DE 4200H and DE 4280 Series include Armstrong Design Envelope technology, with easy-to-use Sensorless control and enhanced connectivity to BAS to achieve significant efficiency improvements. The DE 4200H pumps are supplied with split-couplings and outside balanced seals while the DE 4280 pumps use a close-coupled design.

“Drawing on the strength of Design Envelope technology, these horizontal DE pumps can reduce pumping costs by up to 70%, and lower installed costs.” says Lex van der Weerd, CEO of Armstrong Fluid Technology.

Some of the other innovative features include:

  • Integrated controls eliminate need for VFD wall space or mounting with extra cable runs
  • Built-in harmonic mitigation, soft start and motor adaptation
  • Available to 125hp/90kW (DE 4200H) and 7.5hp/5.5kW (DE 4280)
  • No field alignment necessary following installation or field service (DE 4200H)
  • Easy maintenance due to outside seal and split coupling (DE 4200H)
  • Express (2 week) delivery on 20 sizes up to 15hp

Design Envelope (DE) technology has saved building owners millions of dollars worldwide. These new pumps are designed to further increase building owners’ energy savings while supporting sustainable operating practices.

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About Armstrong Fluid Technology

With over 1000 employees worldwide, operating seven manufacturing facilities on three continents, Armstrong Fluid Technology is known around the world as a forerunner and innovator in the design, engineering and manufacturing of intelligent fluid flow equipment. With its expertise in fluid dynamics, heat transfer, variable speed, and demand-based control, Armstrong Fluid Technology leads the fluid systems industry, including HVAC, plumbing, and fire safety in providing the most energy efficient and cost effective solutions to building professionals and owners around the globe.


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