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Bosch Thermotechnology Corp. Introduces Semi-Custom Climate 6000 AH Commercial Air Handlers for Industrial and Commercial Applications

Bosch Climate 6000

Climate 6000 AH Series Improves Environmental Quality

  • Unique sandwiched double-wall R-13 construction reduces weight and allows either indoor or outdoor installation
  • Corner-post gasketing, double tongue-and-groove assembly provide superior thermal performance, virtually eliminating thermal bridging
  • Direct-drive, composite plenum fans and factory VFDs provide efficiency, low sound and redundancy
  • Low lead times for a semi-custom solution, ideal for replacement jobs

Today, Bosch Thermotechnology Corp. announced the Bosch Climate 6000 AH Semi-Custom Commercial Air Handler Series, providing commercial and industrial customers with improved Indoor Air/Environmental Quality by introduction of outside air, and removal of undesired exhaust air or large-space comfort conditioning.

Intended for large industrial and commercial applications, such as manufacturing and medical facilities, supermarkets, conference centers, auditoriums, schools/universities, airports, government facilities and common areas, the Climate 6000 AH Series comes in 21 different sizes. Horizontal unit configurations range from 800 to 38,000 CFM, while vertical configurations are available in 800 to 4,000 CFM.

“The Climate 6000 AH Semi-Custom Commercial Air Handlers are built to allow service access and incorporate modular design for configurability,” said David Lopes, North American commercial products sales director, Bosch Thermotechnology Corp. “With an industry-leading three- to seven-week lead time, depending on complexity, they’re ideal for replacements.”

The standard blower assembly consists of direct-driven inverter-duty Totally Enclosed, Fan-Cooled motors, with an airfoil fan wheel. A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is also included as a standard unit component. This combination of blower technology and VFD minimizes static efficiency losses and allows for maximum efficiency to meet precise airflow requirements.

The patented panel construction allows for the same Air Handling Unit to be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. This sandwich panel production method supports increased panel rigidity without the need to use heavy-gauge steel, making it lighter than many competitors. The air handler’s complex gasketing combined with the double tongue-and-groove assembly provide for superior thermal performance virtually eliminating thermal bridging, which is the primary contributor to external unit condensation. Units can be shipped assembled or in sections for field assembly.

The Bosch Climate 6000 AH comes with a two-year limited warranty on internal components, and a five-year limited warranty on the casing for defects in material or workmanship. For further terms and details, please refer to the warranty document posted on the product landing webpage at


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