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Caleffi's Compact Solution: The DISCAL® Air Separator with Rotating Collar

mr0418 caleffi 5517 series discal

The versatile and space-saving 5517 Series DISCAL® brass air separator is ready to be installed in horizontal or vertical pipes with its industry exclusive rotating collar. It is a compact solution for installations with wall-mounted piping, especially when the pipes are closely-spaced.

“We’re seeing significant field enthusiasm because of the 5517’s versatility and added benefit of inventory reduction. Being able to accommodate tight spaces and varied piping layout with the separator is a game changer for installers,” asserts Kevin Freidt, director of product management and technical support.

The separator is available for ¾” or 1” pipes sizes with sweat, press or NPT male connections. It features high capacity automatic air removal, down to the microbubble level, eliminates air-related corrosion and noise and improves water quality in hydronic systems. A removable top facilitates fast inspection and cleaning.

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