Caleffi’s idronics™ Journal Now Digitally Mastered

caleffi idronics

Caleffi North America, Inc., a leader in state-of-the-art engineered solutions for hydronic and plumbing systems and committed to providing Excellence in Education, is proud to introduce the 27th edition of idronics™: Air-to-Water Heat Pump Systems. This newest edition acquaints the reader with these types of heat pumps and their capability to deliver thermal energy to heat or cool hydronic distribution systems.

In cadence with edition releases, Caleffi will now provide digital access to the journal, optimizing access for mobile, tablets and desktop devices. The content is fully searchable and is complimented with video and resource links. The digital edition can be found at

“Digital idronics makes so much sense for us to develop” says Mark Olson, CEO. “It’s just one of our latest tools to get valued knowledge into the hands and minds of our customers.”

idronics is a complimentary educational journal series for hydronic, plumbing and renewable energy professionals to aid them in system design, component application and selection. Subscribers to the journal will receive a hard copy of the new edition. For further information, please contact us at (414) 238-2360.


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