Carus LLC Debuts VOC Oxidation Solutions for Improved Indoor Air Quality Environments at AHR 2024

Carus Research

Carus LLC makes its return to the AHR Expo 2024 in Chicago, Illinois from January 22-24 after over 15 years, marking a significant milestone for the company. AHR stands as the premier technical and commercial conference for HVAC professionals, facility operators, educators, and air quality experts, offering a vital platform to exchange industry insights and advancements.

At this year's exhibition, Carus LLC introduces cutting-edge technology designed to aid HVAC filter manufacturers, device manufacturers, and research professionals in mitigating volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from indoor air environments. The spotlight shines on Carus' line of manganese- based CARULITE® catalysts. These catalysts play a pivotal role in purifying breathable air, emission air, and process air by targeting harmful ozone, carbon monoxide, and VOCs such as formaldehyde, and other compounds and odors.

What sets Carus' solutions apart is their adaptability for coating various air filtration substrates like non- woven filters, metal mesh filters, and honeycomb filters. These catalysts excel in absorbing and oxidizing harmful VOC contaminants into non-harmful compounds. Furthermore, these solutions ensure longevity and cost-effectiveness. With a proven effectiveness of over 95% in a single pass at ambient temperatures, they not only enhance air quality but also keep energy operating costs low.

Brian Townsend, Senior Director of Marketing & Business Development at Carus, expressed enthusiasm about the AHR Expo, stating, "We're thrilled to showcase our latest innovations at AHR, highlighting our commitment to advancing indoor air quality solutions and providing high-quality solutions to customers."

For decades, Carus has been removing harmful contaminants from air and gases, deploying these catalysts across industrial and commercial applications, including escape masks, compressed breathing air, off-gas ozone destruction, and ethylene oxide from medical device sterilization, significantly improving air quality.

Rooted in a family-owned legacy, Carus supplies essential products and services for municipal water treatment, wastewater management, air purification, and soil remediation, impacting communities worldwide. Thousands of communities globally rely on Carus' high-quality products, manufactured in LaSalle, Illinois, and Belmont, North Carolina, for their environmental needs.

Andy Johnston, President and CEO at Carus, emphasized, “The core of our business is focused on cleaning the air, water and soil. I am proud to lead an organization with purpose. Each of our employees has an impact on the future of our earth and its natural resources.”

Carus' specialty chemical solutions play a pivotal role in eliminating harmful contaminants such as formaldehyde, ozone, and carbon monoxide from air and hydrogen sulfide and organic compounds from water, drawing from a legacy of over a century of persistence, innovation, and resilience rooted in small- town Illinois.

Today, Carus chemists and engineers continue to pursue the next breakthrough in product and process development. The company remains steadfast in its commitment to responsible chemical manufacturing, actively engaging with industry associations like the American Chemistry Council, Chemical Industry Council of Illinois, and Illinois Manufacturers Association. Carus upholds the principles of the American Chemistry Council's Responsible Care® initiative, championing safety, sustainability, and the well-being of employees, local communities, and the environment.


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