Celebrating 10 Years of Educational Excellence with idronics™

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A ten-year educational investment results in 20 editions of Caleffi’s popular and complimentary journal:  idronics™.

The series is intended for hydronic and plumbing professionals to aid them in system design, component application, and selection.  The newest edition, Documenting Hydronic Systems, is now available.

Hydronic heating and cooling systems, especially those that are custom designed, can create challenging maintenance situations for those not familiar with the equipment or how it has been assembled into a system. Without proper documentation, thousands of dollars’ worth of hardware can be put in a precarious situation.  Therefore, it is important to document all hydronic systems. In the latest edition, we discuss how to do this. Specific emphasis is placed on piping schematics, electrical schematics and descriptions of operation.

The edition is now available on our website at www.caleffi.com.  Subscribers of the journal will receive their hard copy in February.  Are you interested in receiving your own complimentary copy?  Please register today.

↓ Documenting Hydronic Systems

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