Children's Book Series Promoting the Skilled Trades Launches

the water came to a stop

Ryan Kiscaden, an HVACR and plumbing marketer, announces that his first book in the NEXT UP TRADES Series is available for order. “NEXT UP TRADES represent an illustrated children’s book series which teaches children that the skilled trades are noble, necessary, and appreciated when completed.” Kiscaden continued, “My personal mission statement drove me to create the NEXT UP TRADES series. I want the plumbing, HVACR and electrical trades to grow and it starts by changing the perception of the skilled technician.” The content of the series focuses on celebrating problem solving and helping others. Other anticipated lessons from the NEXT UP TRADES series are teaching in-the-field best practices such as job cleanliness, safety, creativity, and hygiene.

The first book in the series, The Water Came To A Stop is told in a residential plumbing setting. It is targeted toward the age range of 4-8 years old. The story has Dean enjoying his birthday with all his friends and family when his home’s water unexpectedly stops. The family acts quickly and calls Gomer Gopher and Flo Fish from NEXT UP TRADES. At the conclusion, Dean and the family acknowledge their admiration for those involved in the plumbing trade. It is also anticipated that HVAC (The Air Came To A Stop) and electrical (The Power Came To A Stop) stories in the series will follow featuring the same characters.

The skilled trades have a well-documented and upcoming worker shortage. “The NEXT UP TRADES series goes after a generation earlier than middle- and high school-aged students to introduce parents, guardians, and children to the industry. The reality is that in a time of a comfort emergency, skilled tradespeople are essential to solving our problems through their expertise in quality installations and maintenance. This series is my way to tell the industry’s story.”

The Water Came To A Stop is available in paperback and eBook versions. Visit or for bulk-buy order requests, visit When customers purchase this book, up to 2% of the postprofit proceeds will be donated to SKILLSUSA.


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