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Cleaver-Brooks Launches Boiler Monitor for Its ClearFire® Line of Boilers

boiler monitor

Cleaver-Brooks announces the launch of a Boiler Monitor for its ClearFire® line of boilers that utilize the Falcon control platform. Now, customers can check the operating status and performance of their boiler system, or multiple boilers systems simultaneously in real time via a mobile app or online customizable dashboard. In addition, the mobile app immediately notifies customers when their boiler system needs attention.

“By being able to monitor boiler system operation, cycle counts, temperature readings and other variables, customers can optimize their boiler room performance and improve overall efficiency,” said Catie VanWormer, product sales manager for ClearFire boilers at Cleaver-Brooks.

“In addition, having remote access to their system information provides customers with peace of mind knowing their equipment is being monitored seven days a week, 24 hours a day,” added VanWormer.

Mobile app users receive an alert if their boiler system experiences an issue or fault. Remote access to boiler system information can be granted on a permanent or temporary basis to different groups, including a service contractor, facilities group or management. This feature enables service personnel to arrive on the job site with the correct parts and troubleshooting devices, thereby saving time and labor costs.

In addition to the mobile app, customers can access boiler system information via a remote customizable dashboard that graphically presents information in a clear, digestible way. The dashboard ensures the information is specifically tailored to a facility’s needs, helping to provide new insight into existing data. Navigation of the information in the dashboard is intuitive, and customers can easily drill down into the details.

Keeping customer data secure is of paramount importance, so Boiler Monitor data only travels from the equipment to the cloud via an encrypted communications channel. There is no write access to the boilers from the cloud to ensure the correct settings are maintained. Boiler system information is not accessible to unauthorized users, and role-based access control matches job responsibility to available actions.

The Boiler Monitor is now standard on all Cleaver-Brooks ClearFire boilers with the Falcon control platform and is easy to retrofit on existing Cleaver-Brooks boilers.

Cleaver-Brooks has a strong alliance of factory-trained representatives who can be contacted for consultation, sales, maintenance and aftermarket support. To locate a representative, visit or call (800) 250-5883.


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