Coffee with Caleffi™: Hydronic Water Quality

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A basic understanding of water chemistry and material interactions can help equip system designers and installers in making sounder decisions concerning equipment selection, operational/maintenance procedures, and troubleshooting in hydronic systems. Mark Olson, Caleffi GM, examines the role water chemistry plays in the life of a closed hydronic system on Thursday, Nov. 17 at 12 noon CST during the complimentary webinar.

Olson has served as GM since 2005. He holds an MSE degree in Applied Mechanics from the University of Michigan. His 30 years’ of experience includes engineering, sales and marketing management positions. Olson’s presentation style is sure to engage, inform and entertain the audience.

The one-hour educational webinars are free and are intended for contractors, designers, and wholesalers. Register today.

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