Coffee with Caleffi™ Webinar Series: Designing Heat Pump Systems for Commercial Water Heating

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The design of heat pumps that supply domestic water heating has improved dramatically over the years. Their ability to absorb low temperature heat and transfer it from one place to another is of key importance for improved energy efficiencies. Max Rohr welcomes Lochinvar industry experts Dan Rettig and Jennifer Russell to the webinar series in a first-ever appearance to discuss the use of these energy savvy heat pumps with a pragmatic look at cold and warm climate commercial applications at the next edition of Coffee with Caleffi™ on Thursday, May 26 from 12 noon – 1:00 p.m. CDT.

Rettig began his career in the residential HVAC industry, steadily gaining over 10 years of field experience before taking a "desk job" to provide technical support for Lochinvar’s commercial products. Rettig is now the Product Manager for commercial water heaters which includes responsibilities for heat pump water heaters.

Russell is the Segment Development Manager for Decarbonization at Lochinvar where she leads the company’s commercial decarbonization efforts. For more than 11 years she has helped develop Lochinvar’s highest efficiency products with a specialized focus on heat pump water heaters.

The monthly educational webinars are free and are intended for engineers, contractors, designers and wholesalers. A Certificate of Attendance is emailed to attendees following the event for continuing education audits.

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