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CoolAutomation Introduces Internet of Climate Cloud Solutions for HVAC Service and Management

CoolAutomation, an industry leader in connected HVAC solutions, will be exhibiting for the first time at AHR 2020, where they will be revealing a Beta version of their new HVAC Service Provision Solution along with their Control Application and Smart Device Integration solutions.

According to Roy Muchtar, VP Product at CoolAutomation, “The Service Provision Solution is truly revolutionary for HVAC service companies and professionals as it provides the ability to remotely and intelligently, monitor, diagnose, and proactively service HVAC systems”.

The Service Provision Solution delivers 3 key benefits, including: (1) Remote HVAC diagnostics and servicing, (2) Predictive maintenance and system error notification, and (3) Built-in support for hybrid HVAC deployments.

Remote HVAC Diagnostics allows HVAC professionals to perform initial diagnostics of HVAC faults remotely and save on travel time to customer sites. They can diagnose and troubleshoot issues by analyzing real time and historic technical parameters and error trends. All this remotely from their office.

Furthermore, HVAC Technicians can set rules for identifying system anomalies that may indicate potential system malfunctions. This feature, together with push notifications, delivers a powerful preventive maintenance service offering. In commercial HVAC deployments, it is quite common to find more than one HVAC brand installed in parallel. HVAC support teams now have one a one-stop solution to remotely access such hybrid installations.

In addition to the Service Provision Solution, CoolAutomation will also be presenting the Control Application and its full range of integration solutions for connecting with Home Automation systems and Smart Home Devices.

The Control Application allows users to remotely control their HVAC operation, like turning units on/off, set temperature setpoints, change operation modes, set custom schedules on selected units and more. The application presents immediate feedback/confirmation from the HVAC unit that the change was made and displays actual error codes to help with troubleshooting or contacting service teams.

The Smart Device Integration Solution allows control of VRF and Split HVAC systems through the leading smart home devices such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and other smart thermostats.

According to Yaron Benvenisti, CoolAutomation’s CEO, “As an industry leader in Internet of Climate (IoC) technologies and HVAC automation, we are delighted to unveil these 3 products. Internet of Climate (IoC) is a universal concept designed to allow any climate system to be internet-connected easily, securely, and reliably. These technologies are the next evolution of IoT and should play a crucial role for any professional within the HVAC service, management, or home and building automation industries.”

Meet CoolAutomation at AHR 2020 Booth # 892 to learn more.


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