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EMBRACO Launches Innovative Solutions for Cooling with R-290

Embraco Plug n Cool CDU

Company invests in pioneering technologies that provide energy savings and preserve the ozone layer.

At AHR Expo ‘15, Embraco introduced its new Plug n' Cool (or “EPC”) sealed unit line, a complete cooling solution for commercial refrigeration compressor replacements or retrofits. EPC units use R-290 refrigerant and are ideal for grocery store and supermarket use. The company also introduced two new compressors at the show, including a new, high efficiency variable speed reciprocating compressor for 15 to 37 cubit coot (c.f.) coolers.

Plug n’ Cool is a complete sealed unit, shipped fully charged with R-290, around which OEM design engineers can build market-ready, water-cooled display systems.
The fully-charged units eliminate the need for manufacturers to install R-290 charging equipment. Retailers need only water supply and return lines to the cabinet. EPC units are easy to install and create very little noise or vibration.

The new VEGT8U R-290 compressor is Embraco’s high efficiency “Fullmotion” variable speed technology for 15 to 37 c.f. coolers. Embraco VEGYT8UThe VEGT8U ensures lower noise and up to 20% greater energy efficiency when compared to traditional on-off compressors.

Embraco’s new EM2X3125U is an R-290, fixed speed compressors built for use in 15 to 26 c.f. coolers. Embraco EM2X3125UThe compressor is the most energy efficient in its class, with up to 24% lower power consumption when compared to many other traditional models.

Embraco also launched nine additional products at AHR Expo 2015 and presented a complete line-up of other R-290 compressors.

“Embraco compressors with R-290 offer greater energy efficiency, lower operating costs, easy maintenance, lower noise levels, and have minimal impact to the environment,” explained Doug Schmidt, manager of Commercial Cooling Solutions of Embraco North America. 

R-290 is widely considered the most sustainable refrigerant for commercial refrigeration because it combines economic need with environmental benefit. According to Schmidt, systems with HFC refrigerants require 200 grams of refrigerant to operate; a comparable system with R-290 needs about 80 grams – a 60% decrease in refrigerant ensures lower equipment cost.
The use of natural refrigerants, such as R-290, is fully compliant with US regulations. Since 2011, the EPA has authorized the use of these substances for use in household and commercial equipment such as bottle coolers, chest freezers, display cases and some special equipment, such as ultra-low cooling medical systems.

Embraco is a global leader of R-290 refrigerant (propane) technology for the food retail environment. R-290 is up to 60% more energy efficient than HFC refrigerant compounds, has low GWP (Global Warming Potential) and doesn’t harm the ozone layer.

About Embraco

Embraco is the world market leader in hermetic compressors for refrigeration – the main component responsible for “producing cold” in the refrigeration system. With global operations and annual production capacity of 37 million units, Embraco offers solutions that are differentiated for their innovation and low energy consumption. Its more than 11,500 employees work in factories and offices located in Brazil (headquarters in Joinville – Santa Catarina), China, Italy, Slovakia, Mexico, United States and Russia. To learn more about Embraco, visit


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