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Equoclima Radiant Cooling Strip

Cooling Strip

Equoclima is the world’s first radiant cooling and heating system that does not need any dehumidification devices. Equoclima’s cooling strip can be installed below the ceiling or above a dropped ceiling; it will then cool the walls and objects in the space all while controlling the humidity levels in the room to 45%-65%.

Equoclima controls the humidity in the room with its patented cooling strip technology, using special aluminum tubes, cooling the air and collecting the condensate into a condensate disposal tube.

With Equoclima you will save up to 50% of the energy compared to traditional systems. Equoclima uses very little energy, as there are no moving or mechanical components. All you will need is the pump for the chilled water and valves controlled by a room thermostat. You will not have a need for running a fan or a dehumidifier as Equoclima can control all of your cooling and dehumidification needs in a building or home.

Equoclima is simple to install with no special tools or licenses required. The system is made of snap / easy fit components which attach to the wall. It is also easy to design as for any system all you will need to have the room dimensions and the heat gain / loss of the room. From there you will only need to use our calculator to find out how many feet of cooling panel you will need and can place this around the perimeter of the wall.


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