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EVAPCO Introduces New Air Cooled Condenser Technology

EVAPCO AT ACC rendering

EVAPCO announces its new Advanced Technology™ ACC (Air Cooled Condenser), specifically designed for the power generation industry.

The Advanced Technology ACC combines a new modular construction scheme with the enhanced thermal performance of EVAPCO’s patented nuCore™ Heat Exchanger.

The Advanced Technology ACC’s induced-draft design – where the fan is located above the heat exchanger – provides several advantages: lower overall unit height, reduced potential for recirculation, and less risk of fan vibration caused by high winds.

As an integral part of the AT-ACC system, the nuCore heat exchanger is EVAPCO’s response to the ever-demanding air cooled condenser industry, where more efficient, lower-cost designs are paramount.

The nuCore Heat Exchanger provides higher heat transfer than conventional designs, meaning that fewer cells are needed to meet a given load. With less equipment installed, maintenance expense is also curtailed.

Installation cost is further reduced by minimizing foundation and site work while taking advantage of the modular grade assembled cells and factory installed nuCore Heat Exchanger headers. Individual cells are pre-assembled at grade and hoisted into position. This reduces the risk associated with working at elevation and expedites installation work.

After seven years and millions of dollars of private research, the Advanced Technology ACC stands to revolutionize the air cooled condenser industry.

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